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Hey my Loves,

So these were April’s favorites:

1. The gym: I picked up my fitness routine again (even though I already slacked with all the work I had this week) but I love to feel fit and energized again.

2. My black leggings: It’s basically my freelancer outfit and I just wear them all the time this month.

3. Vitamin D3: it feels like my skin has a glow, that it’s not pale anymore and I seem to be and feel healthier in general.

4. My friend’s 80’s party: my friend Shirley had her 80’s themed birthday party in April and I saw my friends back who I had to cancel plans with for months now 🙁 I felt so happy to be around these people who can actually make me cry from laughter. She’s a highschool friend, along with the people I saw there. Somehow it feels like you feel childlike again in some way when you meet up with them.

5. The nice Belgian weather: We actually had days of 24°C in April! WHAAAT.

I hope your April was awesome and we’re cheering for a more amazing month of May, right?

Love you so much!