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Hey my Loves,

Here’s my April reference sheet for you to practice from in your own art. This month we’re learning how to draw hands, as it’s something we all dread to do but even more dread to learn, so I figured hands would be the great reference sheet for this month (also you voted for it last month haha). There are a couple of interesting, common used poses in there but also a few poses with props 💜

I hope you like this reference sheet and I look forward to seeing your work based on it. I made a new Discord channel for my Patrons where you can post your sketches and even ask for advice, recommendations,.. right here💜 feel free to post your work in the community tab or on Discord. I absolutely love seeing your works 💜


Have a lovely day my Loves 💜


Prudence 💜

ps: please download the sheet on your computer, because the files will get replaced by another reference sheet next month