My name is Prudence Geerts. I’m an independent/freelance artist, author and illustrator. I work and live in Belgium in my cosy little apartment with my beloved kittycat Rochie.

I make relatable comics on my Instagram page for a pretty long time now. They started out as a personal outlet because I always felt these things that I couldn’t tell to anyone else because of how stupid I thought they were, so I decided to draw them and eventually keep them as a journal on an Instagram page. Little did I know that other people thought the same things I did and it turned out to be a huuuge community on this day.

On my webshop, I sell mostly prints and products that I think are fun to have. I love books so of course I have two bookmark designs which I also use personally in my books (even though I always lose them and leave them everywhere I go so I must be my own best customer in terms of bookmarks).

I also started a Patreon page, where I share podcast newsletters about my life as a freelance illustrator as well as Q&A’s where Patrons can leave questions that I answer in a video and I’m always open to give advice if you’re starting out as an illustrator yourself, or even just for a chat. I love Patreon as a platform because this is a closed community with people who would do anything to keep my work going and I just feel the love and support on there so much! I’m very happy that my past self opened up a Patreon account.

When I’m not drawing, I’m probably reading, eating or spending time with my best friend or my brother watching series or talking about our days.

Let’s go back, back to the beginning..

I started drawing ever since I was a little kid. My older brother went to art school and I was determined to do the same thing he did in high school when I was older. And so I did. I was less of a successful student because my work was “too commercialistic”. In my senior year we had our final project and I was assigned to a mentor who would guide me through the process. Instead of doing his job, he made me decide between having sex with him and getting my degree, or not getting my degree and leave with my self-respect. I went for the latter and ended up having no degree and seeing many people leave off for college.

Years went by going in and out of therapy, taking medication and being depressed. After years, other stories were told about friends who went through the same thing in high school as I did but did end up with the degree by doing what they were told to do. I was disgusted with the art community and neglected my passion for drawing.

Five years after this happening in high school, I started a kind of boring job at a call centre where the workload was at a low pit. I started doodling in my notepad again and I immediately knew the love for art was still there. I just had to develop it again.

So here we are, 10 years after what happened in high school. Being the person and freelance illustrator I am today. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far, and I’m happy to have a community that loves my art a lot.

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