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About me

Prudence Geerts

Freelance illustrator/comic artist on a journey to reclaiming our own selves, our bodies and passing on the empowerment to others we may encounter as well 💜

5 random facts not many people know about me:

– I never played board games so when I play one now as an adult everything needs to be explained

– I don’t like driving a car

– I got my first gaming console (fundraised by our community) last year at age 28

– I never finished watching One Tree Hill cause I can’t say goodbye to it

– I aim to read at least 60 books per year

Hi friend,

Thank you for meeting me here in this safe place on the interwebs. I appreciate you being a part of our community. My name is Prudence (and yes, that’s my actual real life name ˆ-ˆ) and I live in this small European country called Belgium. I was the kid that carried art supplies everywhere I went and that never changed until after high school.

I didn’t graduate from high school. I dropped out after I was sexually blackmailed by my senior project mentor. He threatened me that I wouldn’t graduate unless I did x and y. That’s how years of long therapy sessions, medication, self improvement, eating disorders, depression, getting better and relapses came to exist and almost were a constant in my life. After finally opening up to my psychiatrist for the first time about my long lasting childhood sexual abuse as well that went on before and alongside what happened in high school, a lot more therapy was needed to keep me going and I finally was diagnosed with severe PTSD, something I still try to live with until this day.

It took me 5 years after dropping out when I first picked up a pencil again and through my process of growing as an artist, getting to know people who actually became my family and joining me for the long run, that is how I grew into advocating for others to reclaim their bodies, set boundaries, love themselves as how they truly are.

I don’t want anyone, ever, not future generations to come or people my own age, to not know about the importance of owning your own body, (re)claiming your true self, and setting boundaries that feel comfortable for YOU! And I’d love more than anything in the world, for you to join me in this journey, for you to be your own advocate for the people you encounter and maybe not know personally as well as for your loved ones in life.

I will continue to learn, and hope to keep improving along the way, I love to experiment with different materials. One thing I know for sure is that I’ll never stop creating and I’ll never not be here for you, as our community has been the reason for me to wake up and pull through another day even in the roughest moments.

I promise I’ll give my all to you, for you, with you, as it brings so much joy and togetherness, a sense of ultimate freedom and empowerment to all be here simultaneously reclaiming our own bodies and paving the road towards a healthier society!

None of this would have ever been possible without you, and for that I’ll be eternally grateful 💜



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