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Hi guys! 

I’m freaking out a little, since I just checked Patreon and lost so many Patrons overnight. I wonder what happened? Should I post more (I know I’m so absent lately :'( ), did I miss something important (forgive me <3),..?

I just want you to know that in between life and things I’m working on, I also work on stuff to post on Patreon. And yes, I still need every bit of support, and it still means the world to me, knowing I’m loved and supported by so many of you.

I will promote Patreon on my platforms again. But please tell me what I do wrong before I lose every one of you 🙁

Also, if you know people who love my work, please tell them about my Patreon as well. I love connecting with you guys, I appreciate every little gesture, comment, message, like, but also your contribution to my future.

I will never be able to thank you enough, you guys mean the world to me <3