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Comeback comic: what happened this past year

I’m making a little comeback: this year has been a rollercoaster ride.

I’m back 💜. This year has been a rollercoaster but I made it out.

I never thought this year would be this life altering. I never wanted it to be either. I’m so neck deep in change and chaos that work and ME weren’t even a priority anymore. I just had to survive and let life guide me towards the next step.

I lost loved ones, my home, dad got sick again and had to un-focus on what I love most, which is to draw. I experienced stress and survival mode like no other.

Today I’m pretty scared to return to social media.

I’m anxious because for the first time this year, it gets in my head that there’s a possibility that other people might not love me anymore either.

I may have mostly healed, I might have discovered how incredibly strong I actually am, but the scars are still there and the insecurities are stronger than before in some aspects of my life.

I discovered that not everything needs to be picture perfect for me to have value. And it never will be.. perfect.

So this is it. This was my year so far. I’m thankful for the people who showed their true colors, thankful for my loved ones who helped build me a home, thankful for my Patrons who made sure I could live through this 🙏. 

Internet got installed into my new place, so I’m here again for good. I’m not the same as before, but we all know change is inevitable. I don’t fully know who I will be as an artist after all this but thankfully I know I’ve gotten kinder, more forgiving and more me 💜



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