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Hey my Loves 💜,

I sent out a letter to all of you Patrons but wanted to post it here as well so I’m sure you’ll be notified about the changes/improvements happening from next month onwards:

First of all: thank you for being my Patron. I appreciate it so much more than I would ever be able to express into words.

I love our page and community so much, and I have been doing it the way we are doing it now for quite some time. I noticed some rewards aren’t being used as much but I end up spending lots on time of these that I could use for other more qualitative and better content.

Some changes are being made in the tiers. Basically there will be less tiers, more rewards per tier and better content. So it’ll be definitely an improvement. They do say change is good, right? 😀

The changes don’t count for this month, but starting Sep 1st. You can already change your tier right now and with every early change I’ll give you an honorable mention on my IG stories of course <3

Basically the biggest changes would be: Art Club will be with a prompt and no more reference photos. I never felt very well using random people’s photos where I didn’t know the source of, and I think with a prompt we can never violate anyone’s copyright so I think I made the best choice here. The coloring page will be offered in the care packs and will be the drawing on demand coloring page of the month being. It will be printed on high quality artist paper and I’ll handsign it originally. You can download it yourself as well in the $5 tier and print it out if you want to as well.

The podcast “Bossbabe” tier will go into the $5 tier next to the drawing on demand and wallpapers.

For $15 you’ll still get the instagram shoutouts but also access to a monthly art advice livestream (i’ll ask for your most available hours in a poll at the beginning of each month) and if you can’t make it, you can still comment the questions you’d want me to cover (I’ll ask for them in a post and answer these questions about what you want me to explain how to draw, what you’d like to know about poses, colors, rendering, digital art, any answer will be tailored to your questions) and the video will also be uploaded in this particular tier so you can rewatch it again after. I thought that was a better idea than the reference sheets that no one might actually need during that month.

The $20 and $50 tiers will stay exactly the same and also limited in spots.

For me, the $5 and $15 are seeing the biggest improvements and I think adding more quality to this page will certainly be good!

I want to thank you so much for supporting my work, for being here. I appreciate it so SO much!

I love you and don’t hesitate to ask me anything if you need any more info or questions.

So this was my letter, and I hope you understand and are happy with the improvements.

One last thing I want to add is: the prompt for Art Club can also be changed up with a DTIYS every so often, and the sketches will also be published in the $5 tier from September onwards.

I love you guys, gosh I’m so anxious about these changes and I hope you’ll be on board with me on this. Thank you for understanding and I hope you like them 💜



Prudence 💜