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I just finished reading the book The Starving Artist and there’s a wonderful section about Patrons in the book, that tells us something I inherently knew but have seen so many times being neglected by our society in the way many people look towards art nowadays. And as so many, I wasn’t able to put it as nicely into words as the author did in the book. But it did influence me to write this letter and it inspired me as it manifested the words I needed to put together this letter to you.

Patrons are the people who influence and build our art and the artist. Without someone believing in us and helping me push forward by adding their resources and feedback to the creativity, there is no artist. We need people to love and be passionate about our work and back us up and we as artists need to accept that help and share our art. We can’t be stubborn and do it all on our own. With every piece of art there’s a team behind it that accompanied and supported the artist to make the art happen.

Back in the days, many artist had one person believing in them, like Sam Philips believed in Elvis Presley and allowed Elvis to become the amazing artist the world got to know. Today, and in my case, my Patrons are a lot of people working together to build up Planet Prudence and allow it to grow.

To be able to share the work, the artist has the creativity to offer and the Patrons make it happen. You simply don’t get an artist without a Patron, is what the book so beautifully quoted.

Today I’m thankful to have many Patrons and people purchasing my work and it,warms my heart that you feel my work is worth investing in. And I just want to take a moment to thank you for making it all happen, for allowing me to push through when things get rough. Thank you for being the influence that helps us succeed, as a team 💜

You matter so much in every piece of artwork, because without you there would be no creative freedom, there would be no time, there would be no resources when society makes it harder for us to keep doing our job, there would be no art without Patrons. You complete the art and make it happen, you make the art thrive 💜

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart 💜