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Hey my Loves,

It’s flaaaaming hot today! We’ve had 39°C today and it’s just too warm. I basically sat on the floor drawing all day and it’s been a productive one, I can say.

So since it’s my brother Simon’s 26th birthday tomorrow, I actually want to make something special for him tomorrow. But I don’t have it finished yet.

The top comic is the one for tonight.

Then this is a post I’m making for Boekerij publishing for Saturday the 27th of July. It’s a Dutch publisher that sent me a couple of bossbooks that you’ll recognise: You Are A Badass (already read that one in English) and Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office (haven’t read that one yet and don’t own it either, except now I do in Dutch :D)

Sunday I’ll probably repost something from the archive 😀

This one’s for Monday 26th. It’s really touchy feely, but I hope it warms your heart as much as my heart feels right now.

This is Tuesday’s comic about being the only awkward adulting human being who doesn’t have her life together but got let loose on a kid’s birthday party:

I will work on a limited print again for Wednesday 😀

I hope you like these!

Love you so much!


Prudence <3