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Hey my Loves,

So this was a bit of a collective effort since we brainstormed on stream for ideas for more comics. I illustrated my book last week and my brain didn’t really work anymore. But I got so inspired from all your effort in helping me get to ideas.

I will be giving credit of course to the masterminds after each comic:

Cute Laugh: @idaranden

Free Time: @somefin_324

Dancing Alone: @soso_710_

Date Night & Music: @xanziart

Quarantine Life: @cyntiaaart

Of course there some featured comics in there as well:

Spending the Nights: @leafraskanderborg 

How To Take a Break: @finchen.bienchen_ 

Which one do you relate most to? 💜

I hope you’re having a nice start of the week, my dear beloved friends 💜 I’ll come back to you very soon with the podcast which will be about the relation between Instagram and AI and my own opinion and experiences with it. And the reference sheet is also upcoming (which will be about feet this month).

I’m also planning on drawing some more illustrations to post in between these comics on instagram, but of course I’ll post them here first 💜💜💜



Prudence 💜