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Hey my Loves 💜

How was your weekend? Mine was a bit crappy as I dealt with a bunch of nightmares, insomnia, panic attacks aaaaaand a broken printer ugh. But I’ll just hope that the phrase “sunshine comes after the rain” is true, right?

I woke up to 702 Patrons! Welcome everyone and get ready for a new DTIYS for everyone to participate as a big thank you to our amazing community 💜

The comics are posted how I plan to post them starting from tomorrow (cause I already made today’s). A few of them are featured by some lovely Patronfriends.

The first one is featured by @lettershoppe , the one with the Boundaries is featured by @finchen.bienchen_ 

I hope you like them 🥰

Love you loads my dear friends  💜 


Prudence  💜