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Hey my Loves 💜,

Even though the world’s in utter chaos right now, I do believe we can make our life a little less rough with the little joys in life, of which I hope I can add to with my work 🥰

I already have a lot in store for you with the usual content I make, but as the month comes along, I want to create something more for you as a way to celebrate another year on this Planet 😍💜 (see what I did there.. Planet? Okay maybe my humour gets a little worse when getting older 😂🙈)

For all Patrons:

I’ll make a code for when you purchase something on the shop, you’ll be able to retrieve a freebie (which will most likely be a Patreon exclusive sticker sheet) 💌 (only possible with shipments that are sent from here, so each time a print/postcard/bookmark/sticker is ordered)

For +$5 Patrons:

I’m making an extra surprise wallpaper for you 😏 one of my podcast episodes this month is also a guided meditation for sleep, which you can relisten over and over as long as your Patronage lasts 😍

For +$15 Patrons:

I made not one but 2 extra stickers in the WhatsApp/iMessage sticker pack this month 😳

For +$50 Patrons:

The sticker sheet and extra wallpaper as an exclusive print will be included exclusively in the care packs this month 😘

Please be aware that both the $15 and $50 tiers are limited, my Loves 💜 I’m handwriting all the Care Bear letters and my hand can only take so much 😂 I hope you understand 💜

I am feeling super creative and inspired, so chances are there is more to come 😍 and of course you can expect early access, behind the scenes content, more featured comics, wallpapers, podcasts and more!

I love you all to the 💫 and back 💜


Prudence 💜