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Hey my Loves 💜,

I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday. I come to you with a new illustration that I’m making into a series. I talked on stream how I’m working towards 3 series, which will make each one of those series more valuable, more unique and the wait will be a little longer for each one of the works, but it will be all worth your while. I love making each one of them, but it’ll allow me to also use my imagination and my creativity to the max.

This illustration is going to be online for YOU, my Patrons at 8.30PM CEST tomorrow (Wednesday) on my website here and will be made public at 9.00PM CEST.

Since thebirdspapaya was a huge inspiration for this one, and since she’s a huge inspiration for me, I’m going to donate the first piece to her, as a way to show my gratitude for all that she means to this world. That means that there are only going to be 14 of these left.

Background story on this illustration and the series: As I’m advocating body positivity and I’m a personal lover of quotes, I came up with the idea to make a series of prints that are powerful and illustrated. I wanted to make 3 ongoing series. Two of which you already know which are the circled illustration with in a parellel universe the dreamy series, which takes you on a journey to my deepest destinations of my imagination. One of those series is this one, that will have illustrated powerful quotes alongside an illustration that breaks society’s standard. Because.. well.. f*ck them, right?

I’ve been a slave of my own body for so long, I’m still suffering mental health issues on a daily basis and will probably take traumas with me for my entire life. I’ve been through eating disorders and depression, I’ve had self esteem issues and honestly.. I don’t want to let anyone else feel this way ever! I hope with this series, I’m going to bring a bit body positive and mental health awareness vibes into your living spaces or bedrooms. I hope you’ll find solace in my work as much as I find it in making it for you.

I love you guys! Thank you for purchasing my work and for being here with me through everything, every day and for being the best family I could have ever wished for 💜


Prudence  💜