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Hey my Loves,

Yesterday I had a heartfelt one on one with my younger brother Simon about my work and how I felt something was missing. He told me he missed my old work and the fact that how I don’t care what anyone thinks was noticable in my work. He told me I became too careful and he didn’t want me to ever walk within the lines of what I think would be sociably acceptable. He told me that the Prudence he knew is strong, doesn’t care about conform, speaks up for what everyone thinks and breaks taboos.

Well.. even though I cried my eyeballs out from the epiphany he threw at me, I was never so inspired as I was last night when he left.

I hope I won’t lose this again. I really feel happy with these sketches.

What do you think?

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

Oh two more things: I’ll be streaming tomorrow at 2PM CET/ 1PM GMT/ 8AM EST/ 5AM PST on Twitch

And second is: these bonus pictures of Simon an me last night 💜



Prudence 💜