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Hey my Loves,

As I mentioned I want to do more good in the world, here’s my first step. I made this project that will be pre-order ONLY! I will sell two seperate packs of signed miniprints (each €20) and will give out 10% of each project to CGG in Belgium.

A few years back I was taken in by them when I was suffering from dissociative suicidal thoughts, nightmares and very bad mental health. This organizations is free of charge and help people who have a bad mental health, or are the victim of assault and abuse to get back on track or with the right caretakers.

I ended up with my psychiatrist I’m still seeing up until this day, doing severe EMDR treatment and growing each day. I’ll always have setbacks and need to take good care of myself. I know that. I let myself slip now and it’s time to get back up again.

Patreon and personal work, charity work, connecting with you and just ART, is what I love to do.

I asked the community on IG what their New Year’s resolutions were and selected 10 of them to make prints from. I also used diverse characters in this projects because I just liked it to be not all Planet Prudence 😅

I hope you like the idea 💜 and the sketches of course 🙈💜



Prudence 💜

Here are the other sketches: