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Hey my Loves,

Happy Caturday/Saturday/Lazyday/Cuddleday (or is that tomorrow?)

I made a new sketch for a comic which I want to experiment a bit with:

So I’m making this one pad that I’m going to duplicate in the 2nd panel on Photoshop. I’m going to traditionally make them in my sketchbook (I’m using a Moleskine Art Sketchbook in A5 format btw) and also color them in traditionally. Except for the duplication of the pad and the bloodspats. Since they don’t really look as clean as I would want to, I’ll try painting them in Photoshop as well. Even if the result wouldn’t be as pretty as I would want, I’d still post it on here. Pray for my little experiment 😅🙏🏼

Lots of love ❤️❤️


Prudence 💜