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Hii my Loves,

So each month I usually do a Q&A. Since I heard a couple of you who are also watching my streams, mention that you don’t know what to ask for the Q&A because I’m streaming now, I wonder if you still want me to do the Q&A after all or even maybe do something else? Perhaps another drawing? Maybe even a Prudence in an OOTDas part of the fix Patreon tiers based on OOTD’s you sent me either yours or found on the web?

Maybe you’d like something entirely different for me to add to the tier instead of a Q&A, like an extra comic, something I draw (like ootd), a drawing in your style challenge for Patrons only (ooeeh that would be cool though 🤔),..? Let me know 💜

I want to keep you happy 🥰 and we decide here together as a family 💜

I love youuuu 💜💜💜💜


Prudence 💜