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Heyy my Loves,

Here we are with a few new sketches. There’s one that is an announcement post I made for when I go live on Twitch, and the other one is a featured comic with Nikky 🥰

Alsooo my car broke down today  🥺  the car is already fixed and I can retrieve it on Saturdaymorning but sadly it will cost me €300. With the move being so stressful, it’s a huge cost extra. It sucks. I was superscared though because they said it could also easily go up to a couple of thousands if it would have been something worse that was broken 🥺 another positive thing is that my car didn’t need to get towed as I was a few streets away from the car garage when my engine acted weird.

How was your Tuesday??

Love you SOOOO much! <3

Ps: i’ll be streaming on Twitch tomorrow at 2PM CET/ 1PM GMT/ 8AM EST/ 5AM PST again (probably doing hand studies in regards of the art tutorial here on Patreon that I’ll upload in a second) <3


Prudence <3