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Hey my Loves πŸ’œ,

I hope you’re doing well this Monday πŸ˜πŸ’œ

Haha, I told you I’d be sketching comics like crazy, didn’t I? πŸ˜‚ I hope I can finish a few by tonight. I have a yearly meeting with my bookkeeper and advisor in 30min though and I hope it’s not going to be toooo long. I never look forward to those πŸ™ˆ as if I kinda feel out of place.

I also want to make a little video for tonight about Procreate on iPad. Kinda like little β€œtips” videos.

Aaaand then I also need to list the new products to my website and color edit the product photos. So I have quite a lot on my plate today, but normally after today I can take it a bit more easily πŸ’œ

Wish me luck 😱

Have a great day, I love you all SO freaking much πŸ’œ


Prudence πŸ’œ