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Hey my Loves,

When I don’t feel well, I somehow seem to sketch a lot. These are 5 designs I did yesterday πŸ’œ

I will color 1 or 2 on stream today at 2PM CET πŸ’œ

I don’t know if I have that much energy to stream a lot today, but I’ll try πŸ’œ

Also, the first comic is featured by Lea and the second by Dina πŸ’œ the second to last one is one that is superpersonal to me and that is one that hits very close to home and that I kept off making for over half a year πŸ’œ I hope you don’t mind me sharing and that it isn’t like β€œtoo much”

How are you holding up? I’m always here to talk πŸ’œ

I love you guys SO much πŸ’œ


Prudence πŸ’œ