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Hey my Loves,

How are you?? Happy Sunday!!

So I’m sketching again 😍 and came up with this baby!

I also want to thank all my new Patrons for joining me over the weekend 🥰🎀 my Patrons never fail to inspire me 💜

I’m so glad I don’t have to use Tinder anymore. A little secret: me and my bf met yeaaaars ago in real life but he was extremely shy (which I didn’t know) and we couldn’t really connect through a conversation but found each other back through Tinder! 😱

Did you ever use Tinder or other dating apps?

Also I keep on making my overlays for the streams I’ll be doing on Twitch later this month for Inktober (you can already follow me on here)

I hope you’ll like my streams and my upcoming videos 😍

Also currently listening to the “Favorite Murder” podcast, which I just discovered and LOVE!

Currently reading: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Have a happy Sunday 😍💜


Prudence 💜