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Hey my Loves 💜,

I hope you’re having a lovely day so far! 💜

Here’s a new sketch I want to share with you and I hope to be able to finish it before tonight. 😍💜

Today I’m going to finish some comics. I’m hoping to have a little rest -which is making comics and not talk tooo much- as I got up again from tooth pain in the middle of the night. I clench my jaws while sleeping especially (and sometimes during the day as well). This is a “side effect” of PTSD and it probably doesn’t do any good for my healing after the surgery. I hope this is a “normal” thing even after it being 8 days after the surgery. It’s more ear pain/ jaw/gums and wound annoyance that bothers me and wakes me up probably.

Anywaaayyy hahah. I’m done with sharing my worries now 🙈 I hope you enjoy this comic sketch. I’ve had waaay to much fun with this 🥰

About the comic:

I wanted to focus on men in this comic, as I see so many men around me and in the community struggling with this issue of being insecure because they don’t have muscular bodies. As a society, we still often neglect that men are dealing with insecurities and it gets kind of suppressed by the fact that society tell them they should “man up” which is just an idiot way to ignore their feelings in my honest opinion.

Let’s focus on men’s feelings, let’s embrace the fact that they don’t constantly have to suck up their feelings and neglect, ignore and suppress their insecurities.

Let’s show them that their bodies are absolutely, freaking normal! Let’s spread some awareness, let’s give them a hug and validate their feelings 💜

I love you all so much 💜


Prudence 💜