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Hey my Loves 💜,

Happy Friday! 🤩

I’ve been up since 5 today, cause I’ve been coughing and having a maaaaajor stomach ache 😩 but it definitely gave me tons of inspiration to edit this illustration. I didn’t know what to do with the little twirly banner I made yesterday, and originally I planned to write the quote on it. That didn’t look too pretty 😅🙈

I am still drawing illustrations on my ipad but I hope I can make it look traditionally as possible (as I love the style), but my back still acts off as well (am I 29 or 80?). I think over the weekend I’ll create a bit more comics though 🤩

I don’t think I’ll film over the weekend as it will probably not be tooo interesting but I reaaally look forward to filming today’s sketchbook tour/reacting to old art 🥰💜

I also want to start streaming again after the weekend 💜😱 even just for a little bit. I miss you guys 💜

Love you all so much! 😍💜


Prudence 💜