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Hey my Loves πŸ’œ

as you know I am challenging myself with a lot more with digital art and I found some very good brushes from Kyle T Webster that are included in the Adobe Package (you can download some more if you’re using Adobe as well from their website) because they add the basics and 25 of Kyle’s to Photoshop but there are a lot more downloadable ones as well from him. Sooo I found some really good ones to make these illustration style drawings with and I’ve been trying out a lot. I also added some paper texture to my digital drawings to have that traditional looking effect πŸ₯°

I also made a new signature for it and a new watermark below.

How do you like this style? I honestly suuuuuper like it and enjoy it and when I draw I found myself in a super focused state again like I used to.

The rules will be:

πŸ’œ Use any materials you like

πŸ’œ post your drawing and mine in the second slide

πŸ’œ post before May 15th

πŸ’œ use the hashtag #planetprudencedtiys and tag me in the picture

πŸ’œ I’ll highlight as many as possible in my stories!


There will be no winners as there cannot be any competition in art

I love you guysss so so so much! I’ll post this somewhere next week (probably Tuesday) on Instagram πŸ’œ


Prudence πŸ’œ