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Hey my Loves 💜,

Today I’m posting a highly requested comic for you 💜

As with anything that comes to generally seen “private” parts of our bodies, we’re getting offer little to no real reference apart from our sexual education. And even then we get shown society’s standard of what is considered “normal”. Truth is, there is no normal, because it’s all freaking normal! It just needs to be normalized, and that’s a task that we need to fulfill for not our own, but also for future generations.

So let’s talk areolas. The areola is the colored area around the nipple. Like every single part of our body, it comes in its own shape, color and size. Many women all over the world worry that their areolas/nipple/breasts don’t look “normal”, are afraid to show it to their partner or even want to alter them just because they would fit the standard. And that’s the issue. Society made us a standard, but it shouldn’t be ours. Our standard should be to be completely feel comfortable in our own skin.

So allow me to tell you once more and many more times after this until it’s shouted from the rooftops everywhere around the world: YOU ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL AND PERFECTLY YOU! 💜

I hope you like this one, my Loves and I hope you had a super nice day 💜💜

I love youuu!! 💜💜


Prudence 💜