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Hey my Loves πŸ’œ,

How are you doing today? πŸ’œ I’m feeling a lot of excitement today as tonight there’s this huge shop drop and it’s both scary and overwhelming cause I hope for it to succeed and that people like it. I also tried to give a lot of details and information in the description of each product as well as a size guide for each product.

The merch shop is going to go online on the shop at 8.15PM CET today (Wednesday) and quite important to know is that theΒ 

For the hoodies, I also have some pictures of the details of the hoodie which I’d like to show you (as for me I think that’s quite important):

This is the grey color:

And here are a bit more pictures of the face mask:

I’m so glad I found these for you. It was quite a big search but somehow I stumble upon good products lately that I can offer, and it really makes me happy and it feels good to be able to offer a larger variety of products as well alongside my prints, postcards, bookmarks and stickers.

I hope to be able to make more washi tapes too, as it is a personal favorite item of mine πŸ’œ but I need to stock those and so I will have to see if there is an actual interest first haha!

AAA okay, excited Pru out! I’ll see you later, as I’m going to be making comics and then hopefully I’ll be able to upload them a little later πŸ’œ

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCHHH!! (also please let me know if there are any more questions and I’ll be happy to answer them) πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


Prudence πŸ’œ