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Hey my Loves 💜,

here I am with the first ever suuuuuuper big illustration and due to high demand I upped the prints to 20 and I’ll see if I can serve people better with this amount 💜 more prints per design will also help to not have to up the prices too much when I am going to be offering Fine Art prints (the type of paper will be a lot different, thicker and it’s a different way of making Fine Art paper than other paper, since the print paper I used was taken out of range sadly.. BUT twice as expensive than this paper at the least 🙁 )

The print will go up in just an hour and a half at 8.15PM CET! 💜 on 

I’m so incredibly excited as I know this is such a different vibe, but guys, I loved making it so much and I literally FELT this illustration. I love the feeling of feeling more when I draw. Does that make sense? Do you like to see more of these? Obviously I’m still going to make circle illustrations, as for now I love love loveeee these.

And of course I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH as welll!!! Thank you for being the most amazing people on earth and for being here!


Prudence 💜