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Hey my Loves 💜,

today was a very hectic and tiresome day. I had a very messy past few (sleepless) days and I wish for them to be over soon. I’m also figuring out what to do with shipping, but as for now, I’ll just manually fill out everything until I relaunch my new website -hopefully – in the beginning of February. I already know I’ll be working with FedEx and I know international shipping will be expensive, but I want to implement something so people who order a limited print each week, can hold the order for like 4 orders and then have it shipped all at once so they don’t have to constantly pay for shipping. I’ll probably keep doing the customs files for care packages manually as that will be the only way to keep the care bear packages going.

If you’re interested in one of these care bear spots, there are currently spots open and I hope we’ll have them sold out again this month, that would be amazing! Aaaand I will probably stop after these 3 spots are filled and keep it at that limit for now so from then on, it’ll probably a bit of a wait until one opens up again as I can’t add more to the workload and want to keep them personal as well 💜

So about this comic:

I want to talk about the effect clothes have on the level of respect certain people have for each other. When I scroll through the internet, it seems that many people feel the audacity to comment disrespectful things towards women that are posing naked or in lingerie, whereas I notice how many times that same person fully dressed receives a lot more respect.

Never EVER is someone asking for nasty comments, whether the person is fully clothed or not. We hold on to status, which is often tied to a way a person is dressed, and believe that it represents how much respect we owe them.

I believe that NO MATTER WHAT, we need to respect one another 💜

I hope you like this comment and I hope you had a nice start of the week my Love 💜

I love you so much! Thank you for being here, for being the amazing and supportive human being that you are! 💜💜💜💜


Prudence 💜