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Hey my Loves 💜,

Here’s the comic I made for you for tonights.

Did you ever hear about a bra bulge? I first learned about it from @danaemercer and I went straight to Google for more info and what it is about them that makes it such a big topic online. To my huge dismay, I only found hundreds of posts on how to get rid of it or even surgically remove them.

Ladies, our breasts are literally there and if we push them up, sideways, into a bra, dress or top, we will get a little or even not so little bulge underneath our armpits that is perfectly and entirely NORMAL. Our arms can reach to the sky and fold when we hold them to our sides, we wouldn’t be able to do that if we didn’t have some excess, you know..

I feel devastated to see that companies and articles are preaching about wanting to minimize this and remove them while we should celebrate the facts that we have arms that fold attached to a perfectly normal body that is gorgeous in its own natural, unaltered way 💜

I love you guys so much 💜