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Hey my Loves 💜,

Happy Monday! Are you ready for this new week?

This is the comic I’m posting tonight and I wrote a little text that goes along with it:

“I feel overly and unnecessarily privileged in this day and age, having been born with a vulva and identifying myself as a woman as well. When I look around me I see people commenting on people with a vulva who are identifying as a man that they are wrong, that they are a woman because they “obviously” are, cause they “need to be exactly how they were born to be”. I can’t even comprehend how people cannot see and understand that this is not a matter of genitalia but a matter of acceptance. Accepting yourself and identifying yourself not only to yourself but to others as man, woman or nonbinary, you’re not only coming from a very vulnerable place but you’re also trusting others to accept you AS YOUR ARE. Commenting to people that they are not who they are identifying with in terms of gender/nonbinary is heartbreaking at the least, but honestly doesn’t give you any right to even say this out loud. The moment you’re saying this, you’re actually saying that you don’t care about them. And they are worth SO much more than being surrounded by people who don’t accept them for who they truly are. This still being taboo, is why there are still such large suicide rates in the LGBTQ+ community and these honestly need to be freaking broken!”

I felt so emotional writing this. I hope this makes sense actually. I felt what these people are feeling who are going through this, who are losing people they once trusted or thought they could trust.

I love you guys, and I hear you! Also, I want to say that if you ever are dealing with anything that you want me to touch upon on my comics, you’re always free to comment these, and I’ll make sure to do my best to put it in a comic 💜


Prudence 💜