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Hey my Loves 💜,

I hope you’ve had a nice day today, I certainly feel like I had a good day apart from being tired. I managed to finish this illustration which will go up on the shop tomorrow at 8.15PM CEST 💜 there are again 15 of them and they’ll be numbered and handsigned 💜 worldwide shipping and freeee shipping on orders over €40 (and Rock Chick+ Patrons, don’t forget to apply your discount codeee!)

I quite like this bathroom and I also fell in love a bit with the teal color. But I’d rather keep them in my drawings, irl earth tones make me feel warm and cosy so that’s what I much rather prefer. I do love accents (such at art or a little vase) in a funky color though. How about you?

I also have a few ideas in mind for future illustration and can’t wait to actually draw them as well 💜💜



Prudence 💜