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Hey my Loves 💜,

FINALLYYYY!! We’re celebrating our Patreon anniversary and we’re going to have some goooooood times!

Tomorrow the party is going live at 8PM CEST/ 11AM PT/ 7PM BST/ NOON MT and you can join by clicking the link above. You can join in earlier and it will just put you in the waiting area until the stream starts up.

Party specials:
      * We will have a voice channel to talk live to myself and others (make sure to join our Discord – connect through Patreon)
      * I’ll make a purple cake
      * I’ll reveal my purple hair

To make sure you’re able to join our Discord voice channel, after signing up to becoming a Patron, please sign up to Discord by going to the desktop version of Patreon, then go to “my membership” and if you scroll down, you’ll see a button that says “connect to Discord”, click this link and it’ll connect you with the channel.

In the Patreon channel, you’ll see that we now have a Lobby, which is a voice channel for ALL PATRONS that you can use all the time. Please join this voice channel with audio if you’re interested in talking to me live during the stream. I won’t attend there, but I have a seperate channel where I can drag a few people in from the Lobby to talk with me live during the stream.

You will always be able to join and leave whenever.

There’s also a written chat that I’m still going to read, if you want to join the voice channel let’s use the code words “JOIN PLS” if you’d like to join. I’ll switch up the people who want to voice chat so everyone gets a chance to participate and talk live.

There is no obligation, you can also just watch and enjoy all the loveliness in stream tomorrow 💜

I love you guys so so SO much 💜💜💜

PS: who will I be seeing tomorrow {please comment “MEEEE”} looking forward to seeing you all!


Prudence 💜