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Hey my Loves 💜,

How are you doing today? 💜

I am so excited to show you this print and sticker sheet I made last week and that I finally digitized into print! It’s one that has been long requested and I finally made it and I’m so happy!

This is not a limited print but is the first one of the new collection I want to make. There will definitely be more in the future! 💜 Patrons: please make sure to use your codes!

I’m also participating in Vlogmas, which is basically posting a vlog on YouTube every single day until Dec 25th. I won’t be doing much fancy thingies, just having fun and taking you along a festive period and hopefully growing the shop a bit more as we go.

There’s a new limited print coming up on Wednesday as well, so keep an eye on more updates on that one 💜

I’ll also be doing a sketchbook giveway on YouTube/Instagram on Wednesday (starting on YouTube) and Thursday (announcing it on Instagram).

I still have a few comics in store for you as well of course and I’m planning on opening up a few more spots for the 90’s kid tier as it’s highly requested, but we’ll need a bit more strategy in the tier to make it happen. Right now I go around and ask the Patrons in the tier where they want to work on, and since I low key find myself a bit of stalker knocking at your doors each month, I kind of would prefer you to come to me when you feel ready to make a new comic 💜 let’s also keep the correspondence either on Discord or on Patreon (whatever suits you best 💜)

Care bears wanting to also be a 90’s kid can just upgrade their pledges and don’t need to change tiers, just please message me if you want a spot – also please don’t update your pledge today as tomorrow is a new month and Patreon would make you pay twice ^-^💜 for now I’ll open 3 more but will wait until tomorrow to open them up, just awaiting the messages first in case there’s interest and so Care Bears have a chance as well (since they wouldn’t be able to claim the spots) 💜

Love you all so so so much!!! 💜💜💜


Prudence 💜