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Hey my Loves 💜,

How are you doing? I hope everything is going well 💜💜

I am going to use this post for new comics to come. I’m finishing a few more but will probably post them tomorrow as I still have to color a bit and then digitalize. So don’t be shocked if you’ll get notified about edits of this post 💜

OH! Just want to remind you there are 4 more spots open (I opened a few extra this month) for anyone who wants to grab a care pack!

Also update: I have my eye on a Cricut cutter, which is a printer that basically cuts and kiss cuts stickers, which is just amazing since I would be able to offer stickers sheets and new stickers then! How cool would that be?! I’m probably going to save up a bit for it though, but let’s say it would probably be a great business investment. What do you think about sticker sheets?

Love you guyss!! I hope you’ll enjoy the comics 💜 


Prudence  💜