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Hey my Loves 💜,

Was I in the zone and finish these all in one day? Yes.. yes, I did! 💜

More often than earlier I find myself being zoned out and fully focused on the things I’m doing in that moment. I don’t know how or where it comes from but it seems like I’m in that productive movement, and really creating. It’s weirrdd!! Do you ever have this?

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful start of your week 💜

I’ll be sending out the Thank You wallpapers to your email soon for all people who entered early to my new Patreon rewards last month starting from the $5 tiers.

I also want to announce that I’ll be launching a new 24h sale on Wednesday September 9th on 8.30PM with early entry for Patrons at 8PM CEST 💜

These are the comics I’ll be offering this week:

I hope you like these 💜💜💜 which one is your favorite?? 💜💜

Love you alll sosososoooo much 💜💜💜💜


Prudence 💜