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Hey my Loves 💜,

How are you doing today? I hope you’re all doing well 💜 I have a brand new studio vlog here for youuu!! I think I am getting a bit better on the video editing haha. But they’re also filmed with both a little Canon vlog camera and a phone camera.

I’m feeling SO under the weather lately and I don’t know if it’s really something that is going on in the air (is that an actual phrase?), or me being in a depressive episode. But I just hope it goes over soon as I feel like I was right on track.

I tried to make a comic as well today, but somehow got stuck, then cried a little, then decided I’ll just pick one of my older comics to repost tonight. I’ll post a few older comics we may or may not have yet forgotten in a next post.

I’ll try to keep it calm for the rest of the day, as I’ve been feeling physically sick to my stomach the last few days as well. I feel like my stomach isn’t working at all until I can actually relax, I woke up in the middle of the night from the stomach aches as well and feeling sick. And nooo I’m not pregnant, guys! Anywayyy, my body is a bit of a mess, my mental state is a bit of a mess and I feel like I’ve been surrounded by too much toxicity as well lately, too many times I’ve heard “I don’t have time for you” “We have to reschedule to when I can” “you’re not doing it right” “you’re not this or that enough”. This is kind of a weak spot of mine, since that’s a toxic programmed inner belief I have that I know I need to still work on, so it hurts a little more when I hear it from someone else, especially when I’m already not feeling that well.

I’ll try to just take a step back, lay on the couch and try to relax a little bit for the rest of the day. I’m reading “The Buddha in Jail” right now and I actually would recommend it if you’re into those kind of books 💜

I’m trying to love my work a little more as well, since the last few days I’ve really been having a rough relationship with it. I love my circle illustrations, I love the comics I made, but today I let the toxic comment influence my mood, and my work deserves more than that, right? 💜

I love you guys so much 💜

sorry for the sadness omg! I really considered not to post anything at all though so please ignore if you don’t want to see this 💜


Prudence 💜