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Hey my Loves 💜,

Today is the second day of March and it seems like it’s been too long since I’ve last talked to you.

First of all: I love you so much for all the love, energy and joy I feel from our family on here 💜 I’ve been in a bit of a downwards spiral when it comes to both physical and mental health, only being able to really get some rest while drawing in solitude and silence, as if I can transcent into a bit of a meditative state (it kind of feels like being asleep while drawing, just out of this world -am I weird or have you also experienced it before?)

Health wise my body feels empty. I feel sore, tired and restless all at the same time. It feels like I’m fever-ish sometimes and extremely tired, yet I can’t seem to get proper sleep and rest. I wake up in the middle of the night, get anxious at night and experience nightmares again. Mentally I try to find some things to escape in, like the meditative state I often experience while drawing and I cry often too lately. I can’t really pin point what it is, but I can’t deny the feelings. It’ll get better, I know it will. This again results in more tiredness. I also have a few doctor visits again this week, along with physical therapy. Sooo I sure have a busy week. But I’ll also try to draw a lot.

Work wise there’s A LOT. I’m going to make a collaboration piece for Cricut (an International Women’s Day sticker) that I’ll add to each sticker/print/postcard order after International Women’s Day March 8th. You’ll also find the sticker in the care packages this month too along with the wallpapers I uploaded yesterday already 🥳

Upcoming Saturday I get to be in the jury for a cartoon art contest in Belgium. I’m very excited about it, because there are a bunch of renomated names in the jury, and I honestly don’t feel like I belong in the line up haha 🙈

By the end of March (22nd of March should be the launch date) the new webshop should be launching and there’s still a lot to do but again.. I’m so excited! Until then, you can shop the current collection still. I’m still not sure what I’ll keep and what I’ll discontinue, but I’ll sure let you know first! I’ll also share the sketches for the new designs with you first and of course the merch that I’m going to make. There’s going to be a lot more products than now, so keep an eye out for the previews 😍💜 I also won’t be selling new circle illustrations before the launch, but will most likely make them before and sell them with the launch.

Patreon content: I’ll probably be spamming you a bit with posts, but I hope you don’t mind 😅🙈 I’m going to share the discount code for the shop today and a call out for the drawing on demand that I’ll be drawing next week on my Twitch streams.

There also opened up one Care Bear spot! 😱 feel free to grab it if you’d like to have the International Women’s Day sticker and the wallpapers as prints, along with the drawing on demand we’ll be making next week and the coloring page of the drawing on demand aaaand of course 5 minicomics of comics we’ll be making this month and a handwritten letter from me to you in an originally handlettered envelope 🥰😍

I thiiink that was it for now.. today I’ll be spending some time here on Patreon, scheduling posts and posting some. I’ll be sending some emails and draw some more on the merch drawings 🥰💜

I hope you’re having a lovely day, and I’ll see you in a bit with more artwork and rewards 😍💜

I love you SO much! Thank you for being amazing, for being the most supportive and awesomest family out there! 💜💜💜


Prudence 💜🌸