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Happy December my Loves!

So what’s new? Well, we have a new print, new sticker sheets, Whatsapp and iMessage stickers, new wallpapers and I’m participating in Vlogmas (pray for me I’ll keep it up please!)

Here’s a little insight of what I have in store for you 💜

I have a brand new print in the permanent collection on my shop! This “So Fantas-tit” print is designed to add some extra self love to your life and on to your walls as a daily reminder to just BE YOU!

I now also added the possibility to have your prints, postcards, stickers and bookmarks shipped to a friend and wrapped up in some nice pink tissue paper or a pink paper bag (if it’s a postcard design, bookmarks or stickers) and the possibility to have me write a note if you want to add a postcard to your order with a personal note to your friend. There is no packing slip or mention of prices in the packages.

This service is entirely free of charge and will allow you to send a Christmas gift to a loved on you may not be able to visit during the holidays this year. This way I hope I’ll be able to make the distance feel a little less large.

PS: keep an eye on my store because there is a new limited print coming tonight as well!

PPS: the wrapping service and keeping out the packing slip is not possible on mugs and other merch such as tshirts due to customs reasons and because they’re directly shipped from the press, but I’m sure that doesn’t leave out the fact that it might still be a nice gift ^-^

There’s a new month on Patreon with a lot of new rewards, and we started off well with not one but TWO wallpaper designs this month which you can download for just $5. They’re exclusive to each month, so make sure to have them downloaded on your devices before the end of December!

We don’t stop here, because I already uploaded a new sticker pack that you can download and use on WhatsApp and iMessage for just $15. Each month there’s a new sticker added to the pack and in that tier you’re also given a 10% discount code to the shop which you can use on EACH order you make and you get all the rewards from the lower tiers as well. Thanks to more people subscribing I’m able to offer more, so thank you, Patrons for making this all happen!

Last but not least:

Take a looksie behind the scenes of my work as I’m participating in Vlogmas, which is basically me taking you with me and showing you around work every day until the 25th of December. I give it my own twist, as it’s not me documenting my daily life but it’s more related to my work. Find yesterday’s video here: 

I love you all so much! Enjoy all the new things coming this month! 💜


Prudence 💜