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Hey my Loves 😍💜,

Happy weeeeekend 🥳💜

Today the 9th of January I’ll be uploading this beanie at 5PM CET on my shop.

I hope you like it 😍💜

And supergood news: one of the lovely people on Instagram saw my post office horror story and our post office not having the documents I needed. She mentioned she was working in a post office near the coast where she did have everything I needed, then wrote me a whole instruction on how to fill them in, so on Sunday my boyfriend and I are going to fill in all the documents (we need to do that per package) so we can ship them off asap 😍💜💜 that also means that ALL orders can go out immediately again 🥳🥳💜

I’m so genuinely proud of our community and the way everyone is so incredibly kind hearted 💜 my heart is warm 💜

Thank you for being the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met 💜💜💜

I love you 💜