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Hey my Loves 💜

here are 4 new comics for you! Just a quick reminder that in 45minutes my newest print will be live on my shop as well 😍

I hope you had a lovely Wednesday. I did a few things today.

I sketched 1 portrait, managed to draw a little on new illustrations, finished coloring these comics, replied to every message and comment on Patreon (I need to be quicker and better at that though haha), I did my emails and I also digitalized these comics and cut some cardboard to go in my orders to make sure the prints don’t bend in the mail. So in an hour I’ll post the new print on social media and constantly refresh to see if they get sold cause I’m a paranoid mad person who is terrified of failure 🙈

Okaaayy so that was my Wednesday in a nutshell! Tomorrow on stream we’ll be drawing the drawing on demand for this month  💜 

Love you guys SO much!  💜💜💜


Prudence  💜