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Hey my Loves 💜

I feel tired, loved and so hyped all at the same time after our amazing 4 hour livestream. I posted the entire livestream here for you to enjoy and rewatch 💜

I hope we’ll be coming to a point where we can insert these streams into the Patreon rewards someday. We can only hope more people will be joining and I can dedicate all my time to personal work and our community, somehow trying to make a change into this world. Is that possible? Kinda hope so..

By the way: there were 132 people there?!!!!!! GUYS! YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZEBALLS!

Thank you for everything, literally, for making my life awesome and for allowing me to make comics and use my social media accounts to talk about subjects that are not yet discussed 💜

I love you to the 💫 and back 💜


Prudence 💜