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This is the comic I’ll be making with João. I always start with a very rough sketch, so you can just see the poses and the figures, the place where they’ll be in my comic.

I used to not to that and start with a pretty looking sketch right away, which resulted in not having enough space for the character on my sketchpad, not being able to adjust the pose because I already put so much work in it and so on. This made my life and the process a lot easier.

I wanted to share this with you because first of all, I always love to see how someone else makes his or her art and I know there are a few comic artists on here as well I may be able to help make their comic life easier with sharing my experience as well 😍

I hope you’re having a great day 💜



Ps: my mailbox and my website are currently out of service until I can get in touch with the helpdesk of my provider. But you can always message me on here 💜