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Hey my Loves 💜,

Here’s November’s drawing on demand for you all 💜

So this month I actually combined ALL your requests which were including tons of birthday suggestions such as: fireworks, cake, Fall/forest environment, 29 candles (sorry, Marjo, couldn’t draw the actual 29 candles but found a nice way around it haha!), surrounded by Patrons (also couldn’t draw all of you, but drew a Spirit which resembles ALL of you 💜) and partyhats!

I hope you like it! I sure had a LOT of fun making it. The coloring pages are included in this post in attachment below. Let me know if this is a better way for you to download the files 💜

By the way my Loves, this print and physical coloring page will exclusively be in the care packs this month! There will also be a VIP sticker sheet included this month only, since it’s my birthday month and you guys are AWESOME and I want to give back some extra love on top of all the goodies that are already included 💜 another special something that will be included this month is both the wallpapers as prints (so the one in the bath tub and the other sparkly one -all originally handsigned). I’ll definitely treat you with tons of presents this month! Yesterday Lea took one of the last spots as a Care Bear (thank you, Lea -I just remember there are now two Lea’s who are a Care Bear that’s so awesome!)

Which meaaans there are only 3 spots left as of now! Anyone who is already a Patron can claim the spot and you’ll still have access to everything in the lower tiers as well. If you’re in another tier and want to stay in that tier (because of exclusivity like the Rock Chick or 90’s Kid tier), but like to have a care pack, just up your pledge, don’t change tiers and send me a message please 💜 anything is possible on this magical Planet 💜 haha!



Prudence 💜